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Bio Ethanol Fires | Bio Fire Box
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Bio ethanol fires

Why bio ethanol                     

How are they eco friendly

What we do                        

What we believe

If you would love a fireplace in your bedroom or living room but don't have a chimney then a bio ethanol fire is the perfect solution as they do not produce any smoke or fumes                      

Our amazing eco fires are fuelled by bioethanol which is highly efficient and clean burning. Bio ethanol is a liquid made from the fermentation of plants which is denatured, a green renuable energy source

We do all the work so you don't have to. Our bespoke ethanol fireplaces are expertly designed with built in protection even for use in stud walls - so you will have complete peace of mind and can relax

We will not compramise on safety. And you - our discerning customer - want to be safe in your home. So we individually test all our made to measure fires in a matched setting before delivery

ethanol fireplace

bio ethanol fires Fire bowl  ethanol fireplace

bio ethanol fires

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