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About Our Fires | Bio Fire Box
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About Our Fires


Nothing creates an inviting atmosphere quite like the magic of an open fire, the centre piece to any home. If you are looking for a fireplace but don’t have a  chimney, a  bio ethanol fireplace will add warmth and character to any room or living space in your home. Bio Fire box has been created by decoflame, a Danish manufacturer of the highest quality ethanol fires, specialising in bespoke fireplace designs for homes without a chimney or flue.

Whether you want to an up-to-the-minute, contemporary look, or have your heart set on a more traditional fire, we can  offer a huge range of bio ethanol ribbon fires, with a  specialist bespoke design service to help you make the perfect choice, whatever your style or budget.

All our ribbon fireplaces are fuelled with bio ethanol, which is now widely available in hardware stores throughout the UK,  so you no longer need an existing gas supply.

When you choose a decoflame bio fire, superior quality and absolute safety is guaranteed. All our bio ethanol fires are superbly designed and manufactured exclusively by our expert team in Denmark. Our research and development laboratories in Denmark are amongst the most advanced in the world, at the cutting edge of ethanol fireplace technology. Our latest innovations include the highly efficient e-Ribbon which is controlled via Bluetooth, remote control or app. It can also integrate into Smart Home systems. This classic fire ribbon can now be created in any imaginative shape or form, such as our newest design, an elegantly meandering curve.  


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