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How do bio ethanol fires work? | Bio Fire Box
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Do I need a chimney or a flue?          
Bio ethanol fires do not require a chimney or a flue as they are smoke and fume free. Normal ventilation in the room is sufficient. With larger built in bio firebox projects we will give advice on maximum size of fire in accordance to your room size.

What fuel do I use and what is the difference between them?

Bio ethanol Liquid pours like water and requires no cleaning but a little more care must be taken when pouring the fuel. Bio ethanol fuel boxes require specialist safety materials  and should be double walled inside the containers  in case of leakage. Large fire boxes must be sectioned and  sit in a safety chamber to keep the fuel burning at the correct temperature. Larger fireboxes have the advantage of this  a longer burn time. Our  Bio ethanol fuel burns a brightly as fire gel unlike other fuels on the market because it is made from the highest grade ethanol 97% with no additives.

Fire Gel is thickened so that it is easy to pour but leaves a slight residue in the container. This can be cleaned out with soapy water every 3-4 burnings.
How long does the fuel last?

The burn time is dependant on the size of chamber that it is held in, generally each 1 litre bottle will hold between 4-6 hours of fuel. 

Larger fuel containers will burn for less time per litre.

How much heat will I get?

Again this is dictated by the fuel firebox chamber size, here is a general guide.
Small                                0.5 kw
Medium / Large                  1-3 kw    
Ribbon flame fireboxes       3- 12 kw  with 7.9KW per meter
E_ribbon up to                   20kw
Gel  firebowls
Small canister 1 kw
Large canister 2.4 kw

Does the fire smell?

Liquid Bio ethanol fuel does not leave a residue like the gel and needs no cleaning.  As long as the gel container is cleaned out regularly no smoke or smell will occur.

What happens if I spill the fire gel or bio ethanol fuel?     

If you accidentally spill the bio ethanol Liquid or fire gel  remove with a soft damp cloth before lighng the fireplace.

Are any building regulations related to the fireplaces? 

Unlike normal fireplaces which require a chimney or a flue a gel fireplace or bio ethanol fireplaces are not affected by building regulations. Our built in fires are tested in a replica setting before leaving the factory so that draught issues are addressed.

Are bio fireplaces safe? 

To ensure your safety, you should only use fuel designed for our fireplaces. No other chemical or substance should be placed in any gel fire or bio fire. It is extremely important that the fuel is never used in any other container.

Will a gel or bio ethanol fireplace cause condensation on my windows? 

An alcohol fireplaces produces very little water vapour when burnt and therefore you will not notice any unusual condensation on your windows when operating your gel fireplace. 

How do I install my fireplace? 

Our Fireplaces can be installed very quickly and easily with very basic DIY tools. They can be installed on any wall that can hold the weight of the fire. Installation Instructions are included.

How long does the fuel last? 

The length of time the gel lasts is determined by the size of container. Typically a medium sized burner will burn for 5 hours using one ltr of gel. Bio fires fuel capacity are given next to product description.
 Bio ethanol benefits
  • No installation costs.
  • No flue or chimney required.
  • Carbon Dioxide Neutral.
  • Bio-Ethanol fuelled.
  • Can be used in or outside the house.
  • Cool legs (at the base) so no need for a hearth.
  • Running cost at only from 40p (Per hour) . 

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