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Installation | Bio Fire Box
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Ethanol fireplace Installation

Installation Guide

1. The body of the fireplace (consisting of top, back and sides) is positioned onto the supports left and right below and centered within the wall cut-out. Use the enclosed srews (inserting them through the holes in the top) to secure it in place allowing for a perfect 5mm gap all the way along the top and sides. Make sure that the edges of the fireplace are kept flush with the edges of the wall cut-out.

2. The bottom of the fireplace is lowered into the recess within the wall and is placed on to the lip pertruding from the bottom of the sides. Insert the enclosed screws through the holes.

3. The burner is placed in the safety chamber and the sliding lid is placed on top of the burner.

3.1 Frame Only. Secure the frame using the included screws from the inside.

4. Optional Glass. Carefully secure the glass with the 2 included finger screws.

Remember rubber seals between screw and glass.

It is essential to maintain a 5mm gap all the way around the fireplace (Cut-out = Fireplace Dimensions + 10mm) This gap must not be sealed

As the edges of the cut-out remain visible it is important that they are done to the highest possible finish. All four corners of the cut out must have exactly a 90 degree angle.

Plasterboard walls – Stud-walls

All surfaces inside the wall cut-out are to be covered with fibre plasterboard Gyproc sheets or other non-inflammable materials.

This is merely a precaution as normal plasterboard might change its characteristics over time when exposed to heat.

Stone/Brick walls




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